Ano Conte

Artist Statement

 These paintings are an all the time stories that human beings experience the boundary situation of prolongation (life) and stop (death) of life,  in a very neutral and observant way. The starting point of the work is a collection of symbolized fragments of the memory of life through the ceremonial action of 'dive' (falling off, standing & going down) between the perspective connection point of land (related) and sea (last destination).

His main tools are geometry. It is a thoroughly calculated composition in which the straight line with the intended direction, the dotted line of the existential suggestion, the vertical relationship (above &below), the diagonal line, and the visual vanishing point unfold in the neutral frame of 'square'. His intention was a simple geometrical composition of the representational reality, but it is a little uncomfortable to introduce many symbolic and metaphorical elements.

In each painting, a series of symbolic elements are used, and they continue to be appeared. These elements are as if they are hidden in a drawer and cannot be thrown away until the end, and also they are both regrets and restraints. However, in the neutral square frame, all symbolic elements are used only as a device for composition, and the result is nothing more or less than geometric construction that remains except for all elements’ stories.

Very contrasting colors were used, and the physical properties of the land (solid) and water (liquid) and the contrasting physical properties of 'diving' (weight) and 'floating (air) in the environment of gravity.

Ano Conte _ Sleeping Dive _ 2019.jpg

Sleeping Dive

2019, digital print on canvas, 90x90cm

Ano Conte _ Diving Retreat _ 2019.jpg

Diving Retreat

2019, digital print on canvas, 90x90cm

Ano Conte _ Deep Dive _ 2019.jpg

Deep dive

2019, digital print on canvas, 90x90cm

Ano Conte _ Milk-Crown Dive _ 2020.jpg

Milk-Crown Dive

2020, digital print on canvas, 90x90cm

Ano Conte _ Dive Forever _ 2020.jpg

Dive Forever

2020, digital print on canvas. 90x90cm

Artist Biography

Born in Seoul, Korea, in 1965 

Bachelors of Biology, Sogang University, Seoul

Bachelors of Architecture, Korea University, Seoul

Masters of Harvard, Graduate School Design, Cambridge, MA, USA

Selected Solo Exhibitions​

2018        Between 0.00062 miles, Kun-Kook Art & Desing Space, Seoul

2010        Breeding Cubes, COMO, Arts Center Navi, Seoul

2010        Bilaterian Nation, Gallery Plant, Seoul

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017        Silly Eyes – Geometry Revision, Wide Gallery,  Seoul

2014        Counting  Geometrical #, Gallery MOA, Paju

2012        Geo-soft hard Ice-cream, Chungmu Arts Center, Seoul

2012        Vanishing Pointing Arrow, Metaphor Arts Gallery, Seoul

2009        Geometry XYZ, Pechakucha, Seoul

2008        Nine Cubes, Expo Museum, Daegu

2006        Resetting a Compass, Gana  Arts Space, Seoul