Yang Dae-Won

Artist Statement

The distinguished difference between Yang and other artists of his time can be found in the fact that his works form a clear identity with a pertinent combination of all the factors of paintings such as theme, composition and techniques. There are three points that support it: First, the artist’s existential aspect influenced the theme of a work on the society, which enables the psychological and sociological consideration about the work, and secondly by creating a figure with strong personality called Dongulin(round man), his work has formality, maintaining the simple and symbolic expression of abstract painting, and at last, he accomplished a unique technique based on his understanding of materials while maintaining the two dimensional aspect of painting. Such aspects continue to a merit that they enable multi perspective readings about the work. That is to say that Yang, Dae-Won’s painting gives a pleasure of reading about contemporary art. Certainly his painting is far from those who just fell into mannerism and become technical paintings, or those who just mimic certain countries’ art trend without any sense of sovereignty, and in this way, his work should be seen as very distinct from the problematic tendencies in recent painting.

After accomplishing his own firm artistic language through thorough endurance, he now acquired contemplative space to convey stories about the times. Indeed, true contemporary art that contains the spirit of the times can be born when the artist reflects his perspectives about the current of time and puts it into his work in formative method and define it. If you can agree with the definition of the artist as a person who silently goes with the changes of time, and naturally incorporates the images of the world as seen in the layers of his own experiences, Yang, Dae-Won is probably one of the most hardworking and sincere artists.


Hwang, Jung-In (former Curator, Savina Art Museum)

Yang Dae-Won_Stranger_2010.jpg


2010, Korean paper, glue, acrylic, soil, coffee and linseed oil on cotton, 146X124cm

Yang Dae-Won_Doubt - Star_2008.jpg

Doubt - Star

2008, Korean paper, glue, acrylic, soil, coffee and linseed oil on cotton, 150X90cm

Yang Dae-Won_Land scape - Black mountain 1_2010.jpg

Land scape - Black mountain 1

2010, Korean paper, glue, acrylic, soil, coffee and linseed oil on cotton, 148X106cm

Yang Dae-Won_Doubt Foreboding_2009.jpg

Doubt – Foreboding

2009, Korean paper, glue, acrylic, soil, coffee and linseed oil on cotton, 110X147cm

Yang Dae-Won_Land scape - Black mountain 3_2010.jpg

Land scape - Black mountain 3

2020, Korean paper, glue, acrylic, soil, coffee and linseed oil on cotton, 70x146cm

Artist Biography

Born in 1966 Yangpyeong Kyoungki-do, Republic of Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions​

2020        Golden Tears, Urbanart, Seoul

2019        密語-Whisper of the King, Savina Museum, Seoul

2016        密語, DongSanBang Gallery, Seoul

2013        Long-standing Tears, Savina Museum, Seoul

2012        Old Tears, Usine Utopik, Normandie, France

2010        Doubt II, DongSanBang Gallery, Seoul

2008        Doubt I, Savina Museum, Seoul

2006        Blue Island, Savina Museum, Seoul

2003        Nan II, Savina Museum, Seoul

2002        Nan I, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan

2001        Addiction, Gallery Savina, Seoul

2000        Excursion, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

1998        Island II-The Invitational Exhibition for the Winners of the 3rd KONGSAN Art Festival, Dong Ah Gallery, Seoul

1995        Island I, Cheong-Nam Art Gallery, Seoul

1991        Birds, Science Hall at Sejong University, Seoul

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020        2020 Korea Gallery Art Fair, Urbanart, COEX, Seoul

                2020 KIAF Art Fair, Urbanart, COEX, Seoul

                Serendipity, Savina Museum , Seoul

                One Inspiration, Royal Wazienki Museum, Poland

2019        LA Art Fair, artgangnam, LA, USA

                SCOPE Miami Art Fair, Miami, LA, USA

                2019 Korea Gallery Art Fair, Urbanart, COEX, Seoul

                2019 KIAF Art Fair, Urbanart, COEX, Seoul

                One Inspiration, Canada Korea culture center, Ottwa, Canada

                One Inspiration, Gallery101, Ottwa, Canada

2018        LA Art Fair, artgangnam , LA, USA

                SCOPE Miami Art Fair, Miami, USA

                One Inspiration, Japan Korea culture center, Tokyo

                One Inspiration, Sirota Gallery, Tokyo

                One Inspiration, Koohouse, Yangpyung, Korea

2005        The 24th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea : Part of Non-representational

                The 27th JoongAng Fine Arts Competition

2004        The 4th SONGEUN Art Festival (Songeun Art Fondation) : 2nd Prize.

1996        The 3rd KONGSAN Art Festival (Dong Ah group): 2nd Prize.


2013        "Sandarbh Artist Workshop", India

2012        Tâches-Tâches International Painting Symposium, Normandy, France

2012        "Usine Utopik" Residence Program, Normandy, France (With Artist Foundation)

2002        "Taipei Artist Village" Residence Program, Taipei, Taiwan (Kyoungki Cultural Foundation)

Public Collections
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyoungki Cultural Foundation, Songeun art & Cultural Foundation, Kyoungki-do Art Museum, Kumho Art Museum, Savina Art Museum, DongSanBang Gallery, Arario Gallery, Limsco Inc. Kim Taesik, Usine Utopik(France) etc.