Du Nam Choi

Artist Biography

Du Nam Choi is a Professor of Emeritus at Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art at University of California, Berkeley and Master of Architecture at GSD, Harvard University.

An educator, painter and professional architect, Choi has been involved with academia and practice of architecture for over 30 years specifically in Korea and the U.S. As a professor in the Architecture department at Seoul National University, he was the director of Architecture Program in 2009. Also, as a lecturer, he has lectured in many cases including a lecture on New Design in Seoul at a public forum of AIA New York Chapter. He also held a one man exhibition of his paintings at Kips Gallery in New York in 2013.

Started working from 1981 to 1988 in the United States as a designer and associate, he directed an architectural design office of his own named DuNam Choi Associates from 1988 to 1996 in California. As a member of American Institute of Architects, he ran an architectural design office in Seoul from 1997 to 2001. He has completed many outstanding architectural projects that range from residential to commercial & cultural such as Hannamdong House, Buamdong House, Joil Building and Gallery Samtuh. Also, participated in design competitions, he has been honorably recognized, awarded and published a number of times in Space Magazine including C3 and Award Winning Architecture Magazine by Prestel.  

Du Nam Choi_Untitled_2014 (4).jpg


2014, oil on canvas, 168X164cm

Du Nam Choi_Untitled_2019.jpg


2019, oil on canvas, 168X164cm

Du Nam Choi_Untitled_2014 (3).jpg


2014, oil, charcoal, oil stick on canvas, 168X164cm

Du Nam Choi_Untitled_2020.jpg


2020, oil on canvas, 130X97cm

Du Nam Choi_Untitled_2014.jpg


2014, oil on canvas, 130X97cm

Artist Biography

Selected Solo Exhibitions​

2013        Vision for the world of the Unseen, Kips Gallery, New York, USA
        Works by DuNam Choi, Gallery Samtuh, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018        Drawings by architects, Hotel International Art Fair, Grand Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul, Korea
        Drawings by Architects, Gallery MOA, Paju, Korea
        Korea International Art Fair(KIAF),Kips Gallery, Coex, Seoul, Korea
                Drawings by Arch itects, Gallery MOA, Paju, Korea
        New Trajectories: Convergent Flux Korea, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Gund Hall Gallery, Cambridge, USA
        Reverberations, Works by 30 International architects, Sponsored by Foundation of Seoul Design, Olympic Stadium, Seoul, Korea
        The Archetype, GwanHoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
        Door Handle Design, Choi’s Hardware Gallery, Seoul, Korea
        Furniture Exhibition Designed by Architects, Choi’s Hardware Gallery, Seoul, Korea
                ,Invitational Architecture Exhibition, Korea Institute of Architects, Seoul, Korea
        Paju Book City International Traveling Exhibition, Andes West, Kunsthaus, Berlin, Barcelona and Gratz, Germany
                Young Chang Publishing Co.,Paju Book City, Architecture Exhibition, Paju, Korea
        Architecture Exhibition of Works by 6 Architects from the United States, Japan and England, Hangaram Gallery, Seoul, Korea