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ARTWA’s global network of specialists in various fields, promote talented emerging artists and strives to create new future values through the alliance of art and businesses. We strongly believe that, in the future, art will maintain humanity in a society that is reshaped or disrupted by the introduction of new technologies. With great potential, art will be greatly appreciated if we assimilate and react accordingly to these changes. 


Parallel Contemporary Art (PCA) was founded in 2008 by David Ciclitira, Chairman of Live Company Group, and Serenella Ciclitira, Founder and CEO of PCA both of whom are Honorary Fellows of the Royal College of Art. PCA, collaborated with the Saatchi Gallery to create the Global Eye Programme to promote and nurture talented emerging Asian artists.

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STARTnet is a powerful Asian art platform that secures transactions using blockchain technology while bringing together artists, subscribers, and collectors helping emerging artists to enter the global art world. 

Artists featured on the STARTnet platform benefit from exposure to a global audience of users. Each artist has their own profile page which is simple and easy to build and edit ensuring their virtual portfolio is always up-to-date, there is considerable potential for artists to be included in virtual exhibitions which are carefully curated and promoted by the STARTnet Team who strive to build each artist’s profile and virtual fanbase internationally.
STARTnet has set itself apart from other online art marketplace platforms through its unique sales focused user interaction, Social Commerce allows users to interact directly with each other and with artists building Virtual Collections, increasing awareness and popularity and ultimately increasing prices with sales secured through Blockchain technology. 

STARTnet will launch in September 25-29, 2019 at START Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London and has plans to expand into Greater Asia, Europe, and the United States. 

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STARTnet Korea, discovers and manages emerging artists through the Global Eye Programme.

Additionally, with a variety of businesses, ARTWA develops art collaborations, licensing, and artist promotions.


Established in 1985, Saatchi gallery is a world top contemporary art gallery that plays an important role in nourishing UK’s contemporary art scene. Currently, Saatchi gallery presents 15 of the 30 most visited museum exhibitions in London, with more than 1.5 million visitors every year. Charles Saatchi, the founder of the Saatchi Gallery, started to collect works from emerging young British artist such as Damien Hirst since the late 1980s. Through the ‘Young British Artists I’ exhibition, he laid the groundwork for the YBAs (Young British Artists)  to be exposed internationally. A strategic marketing plan of the ‘Sensation’ exhibition by Saatchi at the Royal Academy in 1997, elevated UK’s contemporary art scene to be in a class by itself.

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