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HeeKyung Chung

Artist Statement

I am expressing my art world through printmaking. Among printmaking techniques, the mezzotint technique is my main method. My main theme is: transparency that shines in the darkness, being projected on glass and metallic objects. I try to express everyday life through expressing transparency as it allows delicate expression. I find the mezzotint technique perfect in expressing transparency as it allows delicate expression.

My work can go into the invisible world, seen through the reflected light in the dark.

It moves like clouds in the sky, finally becoming a cloud in the blue sky and leaving for a surreal space.

202012정희경 -조혜경.pdf_page_13.jpg


2017, mezzotint, 30x40cm

202012정희경 -조혜경.pdf_page_14.jpg

Maintenant-Je suis

2018, mezzotint, 30x40cm

HeeKyung Chung_Maintenant_2017.jpg

Maintenant (Now)

2017, mezzotint,  20X15cm

HeeKyung Chung_La Transparence ll_2009.png

La Transparence ll (Transparency ll)

2009, mezzotint, 40X30cm

HeeKyung Chung_La Transparence ll_2010.jpg

La Transparence ll (Transparency ll)

2010, mezzotint, 40X30cm

HeeKyung Chung_J'attends_2013.bmp

J'attends (I am waiting)

2013, mezzotint, 20X20cm

HeeKyung Chung_J'attends_2012.bmp

J'attends (I am waiting)

2013, mezzotint, 20x20cm

202012정희경 -조혜경.pdf_page_05.jpg

La Transparence

2006, mezzotint, 20x30cm

202012정희경 -조혜경.pdf_page_04.jpg

La Transparence

2006, mezzotint, 20x30cm

Artist Biography

Born in 1973 Seoul, Republic of Korea

2003 M. F. A Printmaking from Graduate school of fine arts HongIk University, Seoul, Korea

1995 B. F. A Department of Oriental Painting, Duksung Women's University, Seoul, Korea


Selected Solo Exhibitions​

2019        Mezzotint Works _ Cafe de Cielo (Seoul, Korea)

2010        BELT2010_ print - MOIN Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2008        PYO Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2006        INSA Art Center (Seoul, Korea)

2003        SUKA Art Space (Buasn, Korea)

2002        GANA Art Space (Seoul, Korea)

2000        Kim Nae Hyun Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

1997        ONIVA Gallery (Paris, France) / Kim Nae Hyun Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020        2020 Korea Gallery Art Fair, Urbanart, COEX, Seoul

                2020 KIAF Art Fair, Urbanart, COEX, Seoul

                Serendipity, Savina Museum , Seoul

                One Inspiration, Royal Wazienki Museum, Poland

2019        LA Art Fair, artgangnam, LA, USA

                SCOPE Miami Art Fair, Miami, LA, USA

                2019 Korea Gallery Art Fair, Urbanart, COEX, Seoul

                2019 KIAF Art Fair, Urbanart, COEX, Seoul

                One Inspiration, Canada Korea culture center, Ottwa, Canada

                One Inspiration, Gallery101, Ottwa, Canada

2018        LA Art Fair, artgangnam , LA, USA

                SCOPE Miami Art Fair, Miami, USA

                One Inspiration, Japan Korea culture center, Tokyo

                One Inspiration, Sirota Gallery, Tokyo

                One Inspiration, Koohouse, Yangpyung, Korea

2020        Prints, Printmaaking, Graphic Art, MMCA, Korea

                0th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro 2020, Coa Museum, Portugal

                Modern Graphics of South Korea, The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow Russia

2019        The 3rd Macao Printmaking Triennial”, Macau

                XIV Biennale International per l'Incisione "Premio Acqui", Acqui, Italia

                4th GLOBAL PRINT 2019 Douro, Portugal

2018        Do Print—60 Years of Korean Contemporary Printmaking, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art Project Gallery, Korea

...and more than 100times group exhibitions

2005        The 24th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea : Part of Non-representational

                The 27th JoongAng Fine Arts Competition

2004        The 4th SONGEUN Art Festival (Songeun Art Fondation) : 2nd Prize.

1996        The 3rd KONGSAN Art Festival (Dong Ah group): 2nd Prize.


2013        "Sandarbh Artist Workshop", India

2012        Tâches-Tâches International Painting Symposium, Normandy, France

2012        "Usine Utopik" Residence Program, Normandy, France (With Artist Foundation)

2002        "Taipei Artist Village" Residence Program, Taipei, Taiwan (Kyoungki Cultural Foundation)

Public Collections

Arive Jincheon Print Making Museum (Jincheon, Korea), ArtBank. korea (National Museum of Contemporary Art .Korea) 2019, 2008, KAIST Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Daejeon, Korea), 63SKY ART museum _ 63city (Seoul, Korea), Seoul Museum of Art, Korea (Seoul, Korea), Collere of Arts, National Taiwan Normal University International Printmaking center(Taipei, Taiwan)

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