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MyongKyu Kim

The artist Kim MyongKyu was born in Korea in 1970. Kim was naturally drawn to the notion of Sunyata in Buddhism and studied Oriental painting in Korea (Hongik University).  At the age of 23, Kim won the Grand Prize at the MISULSEGYE Award with his work, The Flow of Empty Space.


After graduation, he moved to France and studied there for thirteen years. Here, Kim combined Sunyata ideas with the expressive forms of Western art. Notably, during this time the artist worked as a portrait painter in front of the Eiffel Tower and explored the differences between the perspectives of the public and art history. At Université Paris-VIII (Université de Vincennes à Saint-Denis), Kim earned a Master’s degree with the thesis “The innovative potential of the touch in the two poles.” and subsequently finished a Doctoral course with “The dissonance of perception in painting.”

By constructing experimental works that graft expressive techniques and ideas, Kim received the Prix Conseil Municipal Montrouge, and was nominated for the Salon de Vitry in France. He was also selected by critics for Face à l’Art and won the Grand Prize at Jung-Hun Mècènat.



1995        BFA in Hongik University, Korea

1998        BFA, University Paris-VIII, France

2002        MFA, University Paris-VIII, France

2004        Ph.D., University Paris-VIII, France



2005        Grand Prize of Youth Artist, Europe Jung-Hun Mècènat, Paris

2003        Critics' Recommended Artist, Face à l’Art, Paris

2001        Salon de Montrouge, Awarded ‘Montrouge’, Montrouge, France (Prix Conseil Municipal)

2000        Salon de Vitry, Ville vitry sur la sein, France

                 Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge, France

1994        The 5th Grand Prize of World of Art, Seoul


Solo Exhibition

2016        [Water Festival], Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2014        [Thought for freedom from all thoughts], Gallery Space Sun+, Seoul

                 [Aporia of Drawing], Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2013        [My Unfamiliar Drawings], Seoul Art Gallery, Seoul

2012        [Myong-Kyu Kim Plus], Gallery Space+, Seoul

                 [Any Action], Space NC, Seoul

2010        [Forwards2010], Arts Center, Uijeongbu, Korea

2009        [Regardless of their thoughts], Gallery Dam, Seoul

2008        [2008 Kim Myong-Kyu], Gallery Lotte, Anyang, Korea

2007        [Existence of Nomad(Chelle City Council)], Chelle, France

2005        [Jung-Hun Mècènat], Gallery Gana, Paris

2001        [Visible invisible( Air France)], Espace Air France Orly, Paris

1995        [La vie est charmant], Espace curture Pessac, Bordeaux, France


Selected Group Exhibition

2015        [Je…suis(Korea France Fine Arts of Association)], Namsong Art Museum, Gapyeong, Korea

2014        [From a Boundary to the Space(Korea France Fine Arts of Association)], Geumbosung Art Center, Seoul

2012        [Scholar and his student], Hanwon Museum of Arts, Seoul

                 [Parallax - Triangle], Gallery Palais de Seoul, Seoul

                 [Freedom within Boundary], Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2011        [2nd Sumokwon art Residency], Hongyun Art Center, Uijeongbu, Korea

2010        [Something in progress], Hongyun Art Center, Seoul

2009        [Beautiful Bridge(Jung-Hun Mècènat)], Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2008        [Phytoncide Scent], Insa Art Plaza, Seoul

2007        [Art Frenzy Festival], Gallery Cott, Seoul

                 [Bois holz], Face à l’Art, Paris

2006        [Vers le chemin], Jean-Zay Ateliers, Antony, France

                 [Displacement in Contemporary art(Face à l’Art)], Louvre Museum, Paris

                 [L’Art de nu], Espace Moulineaux, Paris

2005        [Monitor], Jean-Zay Ateliers, Antony, France

                 [Discovery of painting(Face à l’Art)], Espace Mille, Paris

                 [La creation d’image], Espace Africa, Paris

                 [Geneva], Gallery Homes, Geneva, Switzerland

                 [Re-encounter(Face à l’Art)], Espace Mille, Paris

                 [Young artist award], Europe Jung-Hun Mècènat, Paris

2004        [Passe Passe], Jean-Zay Ateliers, Antony, France

                 [Encounter], Espace Mille, Paris

                 [Virtual Reality], Face à l’Art, Paris

2003        [Critics' Recommended Artist], Face à l’Art, Paris

                 [Young Footprint(Paris Korean Young Artist Exhibition)], Espace centre, Lyon, France

                 [Two pole], Jean-Zay Ateliers, Antony, France

2002        [Seminar and soughts], Korean cultural center France, Paris

                 [Monotonous], Jean-Zay Ateliers, Antony, France

                 [32 Another eye (Paris Korean Young Artist Exhibition)], Korean cultural center France, Paris

                 [Programme programm programma(Face à l'Art)], Geneva city Council, Geneva, Switzerland

2001        [Monotonous], Jean-Zay Ateliers, Antony, France

                 [46th Salon de Montrouge], Montrouge city Council, Montrouge, France

                 [Passage(Paris Korean Young Artist Exhibition)], City hall gallery, Chelle, France

2000        [Salon International Contemporary Art], Gallery Solange Berthier, Paris

                 [Inverted Triangle], Jean-Zay Ateliers, Antony, France

                 [Vitry Millennium], Salon de Vitry, Ville vitry sur la sein, France

                 [Breathing(Paris Korean young artist association)], Centre de Culture Coreen, Paris

                 [45th Salon de Montrouge], Montrouge City Council, Montrouge, France

1999        [2nd Salon de International], Parc Chanot, France

                 [For espace], Jean-Zay Ateliers, Paris

                 [Strange visual universal visual(Paris Korean young artist association)], Gallery Gana, Paris

1998        [19th International Salon], Haute-Loire a Puy-en-Velay, France

1994        [The 5th Grand Prize of World of Art], Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

1993        [The 4th Grand Prize of World of Art], Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

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