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​KyungSun Jun

Born in 1974, Jun KyungSun majored in sculpture at Sungshin Women’s University, earning a BFA and a MFA in its graduate school. Beginning with her first solo exhibition in 1998, she has been an active artist, presenting 9 solo exhibitions and over 50 group exhibitions throughout the last 18 years.


[Remembers and Talks about Transparent Space]: Through mysterious beings and fantastic scenes created in this transparent space, the artist attempts to express the escape of modern man and the warm space of healing. The characters in the work raise questions about the ontology of an ideal world, not reality.


[Wood]: Jun’s artwork takes narrative as a core element, while sculpture works as an illustration to support this narrative. She chooses the wood, an element that best fits her in its expression of soft, delicate parts. It also exudes both light and heavy feelings. Above all, the vitality of the wood is another characteristic of the tree’s presence that support’s the artist’s narrative.


[The Transparent Body]: The artist explores ‘The Transparent Body’ series as a new subject in 2016. Compares to previous works, it is enhanced by its more serious subject matter and grotesque atmosphere. The work is expected to deliver new interpretations of the multilayered structures of the human character and life.


[Picture Story Book]: Employing mysterious beings and fantastic scenes, the artist is preparing ‘Picture Story Book.’ This book will guide everyone into a ‘story read through illustration,’ one in which both children and adults can identify.



1999              MFA /sculpture/ Sungshin Women’s University

1996              BFA /sculpture / Sungshin Women’s University


Solo Exhibition

2013              《Jun Kyung Sun》, Gallery GODO, Seoul

2012              《The transparent space》, Boutique Monaco Museum, Seoul

2012              《Drawing With Story》, Gallery THROUGH, Seoul

2010              《Memory》, Gallery GODO, Seoul

2006              《Memory》, Art Center Bea, Pyeongtaek

2004              《Memory – Negative Coexitece’》, Caixa Terrassa Barcelona, Spain

2002              《Memory – Negative Coexitece’》, Seokyeong Gallery, Seoul


Selected Group Exhibition

2016              6th Sosabul outdoor exhibition, Pyeongtaek Plaza Art Exhibition Center

                      SAC FESTIVAL, Ecological Museum, Suwon

2015              《Odyssey of Modern Art》, Ulsan Culture Art Center, Ulsan

                      《reillumination》, space in art, New York

                      MAEHOL OPEN AIR ART SYMPOSIUM 2015, Hyung-Do, Hwaseong

                      Jumping Together VINZIP, Korea Seed & Variety Service , Suwon

                      Spectrum Miami art show, New York

2014              《reillumination》, space in art, New York

                      The 17th International sculpture Symposium, SeolBong Park, Icheon

                      《Sang-Sang Factory》, Culture Factory Osan (Osan Museum of Art), Osan

                      《Scars became Stars》, Koreagallery, Yongin

2013              Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2013, HongKong

                      《Art Travel-2 ‘Fun Museum’》, YangPyung Art Museum, YangPyung

                      2013 Hong Kong Contemporary13, The Excelsyor, HongKong

2012             《 Art Travel-1 ‘Fun Museum’》, YangPyung Art Museum, YangPyung

                      《We believe HAITI》, Seoul Acution - Horimmuseum, Seoul

                       Gwanghwamun International Art Festival, Sejong Center, Seoul

2011             《 Another day today 》, Suwon Art Center, Suwon

                       Gwanghwamun International Art Festival, Sejong Center, Seoul

2010             《PACUS 21.5》, Boutique Monaco Museum, Seoul

                      Revolution Art 2009, Taipei

                      Korea-Spain art work ex-change exhibition, Madrid

                      Larasati: Pictures of Asia Fine Art Auction, Mamitt-Hotel, Singapore



Caixa Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain,

Sungshin Women's University Museum.,

Kyonggi University

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