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Seung Hwan Ryu

Artist Statement

My artwork is created as if information, knowledge and enlightenment discovered in daily life are recorded, displaying the change and flow in the content of three factors – time, space and human. Dominant themes include life, language, silence, myth, the future world, and fantasy.

The work itself is based upon time, space movement, multi-view, and perspective different from the Western perspective.

Man has life and an every day. My work expresses the image (visible and invisible) obtained in the space that I dwell in and the continuity of time in which it proceeds.

The big (the universe) and the small (the micro-world) coexist in the present; hence they are all accepted in my work. Shape is a living record created by my hands, vision and perception, which maintains an organic relationship with various living environments. Just as a vine extends its branches and lays a solid groundwork to reach the next world, life is a fractal formed by two branches and their never-ending twisting.

Chaos theory, which has only recently produced visible results, is a universal premise that appears in the course of my work.

Items such as electromagnetic waves, artificial images, vibrations, lasers, simulations, ancient cultures, languages, microorganisms, relativity, sound, geographical characteristics, means of transportation, math and geometry, and systems provide motif for my work.

In order to exist as art, it appears to be necessary that art in the 21st century must encourage ceaseless exchanges with realms of poetry, philosophy and science and accept a new stream of the times.

My work is closely influenced by the location and environment.

Since it (my work*) is divided into transportable work and work that is possible when settled, work progress is carried out regardless of space and movement. At an extensive level, a plan for a global progress is being established.

Such characteristics enables an exchange with a broader spectrum of artists in a global era such as now, and I plan to achieve expansion in my work through contact with new cultures. Based on the observation of humanities, society, geography, environment and newly discovered spiritual nourishment from travelling around the world, I hope to work as if I were recording life on earth.

Additionally, Space projection with light is taken under consideration for future works.

I am interested in boxes -- both in the way. they contain things and the way they set things free. Freedom of open spaces for me it means the embrace of space as an area that is philosophically full and empty simultaneously.

In Antoine de Saint - Exupery’s The little Prince,  a pilot tries to draw a sheep for the Little prince, who in turn rejects the first three attempts as he is not happy with the sheep’s appearance. Finally, the pilot draws a box, explaining that the sheep is inside. “That is exactly the way I wanted it!” said the Little Prince. “Do you think that this sheep will have a great deal of grass?” Then he stepped into the box world of the sheep, and through the windows in the box, he looked at the outside world.

Like the Little Prince, I too need a box that will contain a “sheep”.  A box that will shelter my dreams and ideas.

I think of my art works as metaphoric boxes in which I keep a glimpse of realty as I see it. I am interested in the relationship between the enclosed space and the space beyond its boundaries. So my work is often comprised of antithetic elements that describe that relationship, such as geometry and the free gesture. My paintings set up a dialogue between rational straight lines and atmospheric areas of color with floating, gestural markings.

SeungHwanRyu, Spark of thought 3, 2018.jpg

Spark of thought no3

2018, pen and water color on art paper, 22.8X30.3cm

SeungHwanRyu,, Spark of thought 14, 2018.jpg

Spark of thought no14

2018, pen and water color on art paper, 22.5X30.4cm

SeungHwanRyu,, Spark of thought 5, 2018.jpg

Spark of thought no5

2018, pen and water color on art paper, 22.8X30.3cm

SeungHwanRyu,, Spark of thought 15, 2018.jpg

Spark of thought no15

2018, pen and water color on art paper, 22.8X30.3cm

SeungHwanRyu,, Spark of thought 4, 2018.jpg

Spark of thought no4

2018, pen and water color on art paper, 22.7X30.3cm


그림, 꿈을 꾸다

2010, 300연작 no.80, 아트지 위에 잉크펜, 22X28cm


그림, 꿈을 꾸다

2010, 300연작 no.200, 아트지 위에 잉크펜, 22X28cm


삶의 놀이, 아트지 위에 잉크펜

2018, 아트지 위에 잉크펜, 32X56cm




Artist Biography

Born in 1961, Republic of Korea
1989        Seoul National University, BFA in Fine Art

Online Exhibition

The Drawing Center Viewing Program/ New York

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019        The universe inside me, Bambu gallery, Seoul

2018        Once you’ve crossed the river, throw away the raft!, Thisweekendroom, seoul

2014        ‘Aufstreben’,  Heba gallery, Berlin

2013        ‘Nomade’, hagajae Museum, Seoul

2010        ‘Drawing to Dream’, Posco Art Museum, Seoul

2008        ‘Quand L’esprit Voyage’, Lumen Gallery, Paris

2008        ‘Journey of Spirit’, Gallery WA, Seoul

2008        ‘Exchange Exhibition- Korea-Japan’, Korean Cultural Center, Tokyo

2007        ‘Intodrawing’, Soma Museum of Arts, Seoul

2007        ‘Never Ending Drawing’, Farm-a Gallery, Tokyo

2007        ‘Life Cycle Series’, Gallery Indeco, Seoul

2004        Solo Exibition, Gamo Gallery, Seoul

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017        ‘Project ON #1-Sphere’, Korea Embassy in Germany_Korean Cultural Center, Gallery damdam, Berlin,

2016        ‘la dure’e’, Wumin Art center, Cheongju

2016        ‘Inside Drawing’ Ilwoo Space

2015        ‘Mindful Mindless’, Soma Museum, Seoul

2015        ‘Play with Drawing’, Ilwoo Space, Seoul

2014        ‘Exposition- Le Fort du Vert’, Wambrechies, FR

2010        ‘Beyond the labor’, Artforum Newgate, Seoul

2009        ‘Dissonant Visions’, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2009        ‘Line Line Color Line’, Gallery Touchart, Heyri

2008        ‘Art Life Project ’, Museum of Fine Arts, Euijeongbu

2007        Imfuse’, Gallery Velvet, Seoul

2007        ‘Art Villagers’, Gallery Young, Seoul

2003        ‘Uncanny’, Gallery LaMer, Seoul

1998        11 moderne Artists Exibition, Gallery Yale, Seoul


2017              Korean Artist Project, Selected Artists

2010, 2007   Support for artists  Seoul Faoundation for Arts & Culture

2006              Soma Drawing Center , Selected Artists

Public Collections


Seoul Olympic Museum of Art

MMCA Art Bank

Bambu Collection



Mirae N Co, Ltd. 

MetLife, Inc.

JTN Media. Co, Ltd

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