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Sunok Chun

Artist Statement

I am interested in boxes -- both in the way. they contain things and the way they set things free. Freedom of open spaces for me it means the embrace of space as an area that is philosophically full and empty simultaneously.

In Antoine de Saint - Exupery’s The little Prince,  a pilot tries to draw a sheep for the Little prince, who in turn rejects the first three attempts as he is not happy with the sheep’s appearance. Finally, the pilot draws a box, explaining that the sheep is inside. “That is exactly the way I wanted it!” said the Little Prince. “Do you think that this sheep will have a great deal of grass?” Then he stepped into the box world of the sheep, and through the windows in the box, he looked at the outside world.

Like the Little Prince, I too need a box that will contain a “sheep”.  A box that will shelter my dreams and ideas.

I think of my art works as metaphoric boxes in which I keep a glimpse of realty as I see it. I am interested in the relationship between the enclosed space and the space beyond its boundaries. So my work is often comprised of antithetic elements that describe that relationship, such as geometry and the free gesture. My paintings set up a dialogue between rational straight lines and atmospheric areas of color with floating, gestural markings.


Hazy Day

2016, oil on canvas, 50X40cm

Sunok Chun_Moon Light_2017.jpg

Moon Light

2017, oil on canvas, 50X40cm

Sunok Chun_Boundless_2015.jpg


2015, oil on canvas, 139X114cm

Sunok Chun_Side by Side_2014.jpg

Side by Side

2014, oil, oil on canvas, 91X81cm

Sunok Chun_Like it is_2016.jpg

Like It Is

2016, oil on canvas, 101X81cm


Synthetic Thinking

2013, oil on canvas, 162X112cm

Sunok Chun_Chatter_2013.jpg


2013, oil on canvas, 162X112cm


Deep Inside Ocean

2002, oil on canvas, 190X147cm



2005, oil on canvas, 190X147cm

Artist Biography

American, Born in South Korea
        MFA , Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York
        BFA, Sung Shin Women’s University, Seoul Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions​

2017        NU Hotel Brooklyn Welancora Gallery 
        Freedom, Welancora Galelly, Brooklyn, NY
        Extrication, Theo Ganz Studio Beacon, New York
        Convergence,  Theo Ganz Studio Beacon, New York
        Kunstmesse Salazburg Galerie Bohner ,Austria
        Second floor Gallery, Pratt Institute Brooklyn,New York
        Tutor Center Brooklyn, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018        Oneness  K & P Gallery, New York, New York
        The Wind will Carry us Theo Ganz Studio, Beacon, New York.
        persistent Song Theo Ganz Studio, Beacon, New York.
        EverGreene The Artist & Their Art Old School Mott Street, New York.
        Hello Living and Brooklyn Contemporary Art Brooklyn, New York
        Sonderschau,Korea Art Today Galerie Bohner, Germany
        Kunstmesse Salazburg Galerie Bohner ,Austria
        Elegy in Variable Key, Theo Ganz Studio, Brooklyn, NY.
2003        BAM Group Show ( SONYA)  Brooklyn, New York
2001       Subject Matters Asian American Women Artists Alliance The Phoenix  Gallery, NY, NY    
2000       Loopy , Gallery Korea, New York, New York
2000       Confluence of Cultures,The Rubell & Norman Schafler Gallery Brooklyn, NY
1999       Confluence of Cultures, Pratt Manhattan Gallery New York, New York
1999       The Beginning Painting and  Sculpture  Lodi Memorial Library, Lodi, New Jersey
1998       Williamsburg Bridges Tibet” Williamsburg Art & Historical Center,Brooklyn, New York   
1997       1997’s Night of 1.000 Drawings, Artist Space, New York, New York
1997       Cornucopia Woong Chun Gallery, Seoul Korea
1997       Shoe Project Steuben West Gallery Brooklyn, New York 
1996       Nagoya Parcd 7  Nagoya, Japan
1996       BWAC Pier Show IV Brooklyn, New York
1996       Ear Show  Pratt Library ShowcaseBrooklyn, New York
1995       An Exhibition of Small Works New Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
1993       Boung A Ga Sum Ba Tang Gallery, Seoul Korea
1992       Boung A Ga Sum, Se Hoa Gallery, Seoul Korea
1991       Boung A Ga Sum Ba Tang Gallery, Seoul Korea 
1990       New Art Show, Kyong Inn Gallery, Seoul Korea
1990       Escape of Ism The Third Gallery, Seoul Korea


1999       Seventh Annual Award From Chung Hun Art & Culture Org. Seoul, Korea
1997       Certificate of Excellence in Studio Art Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

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